Arcon 3D Interior Designer (PC)

Arcon 3D Interior Designer (PC)

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Product Description

Arcon 3D Interior Designer


  • Easy-to-use interface for planning and designing.
  • Drag and drop construction elements including straight, curved and spline walls, doors, windows, stairs, beams, supports, chimneys, roofs, dormers, skylights and solar panels.
  • Create up to 50 floors and 3 buildings.
  • Supports metric and imperial.
  • Create balconies with or without railings.
  • Existing placed walls can be edited using a set of wall editing tools.
  • Set up project using guidelines, measuring and ruler tool.
  • Automatic and manual dimensions.
  • Produce room layouts quickly using planner.
  • Examine your room in detail by cutting through it at any angle and to generate 2D elevations and 3D section views automatically.
  • The block editor feature can be used to create additional shaped objects.
  • Add additional 2D drawing symbols with graphics editor.
  • Supports the use of TrueType fonts that may already be installed.
  • Pre-defined title blocks available for editing.
  • 2D and 3D views can be viewed simultaneously.
  • 4,100 relevant objects included to help furnish your project.
  • 1,300 relevant textures can be applied to floors walls and ceilings.
  • View 3D model in several modes from wireframe to texture.
  • Any 3D view can be rendered to see the effect of lighting and shadows. A rendered view can be saved to file.
  • Any viewpoint can be saved for later recall.
  • Easily walk through completed projects.
  • Using the modeller objects and outline editor create your own textured 3D models.
  • Import a digital image into the background of your 3D view.
  • Create tiled areas either on wall or floor using the Tile Planner program.
  • Save as BMP, JPG, WMF, EMF, web page with 3D object and views.
  • Context sensitive help, direct online access to video tutorials, new objects, new textures, updates and forum.
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