Himalayan Amazing Salt Lamp Crystal Pink Salt Lamp Healing Ionizing Lamps Best Quality Night Desk Lamp in Amazing Sizes (12-15kg)

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Product Description

Benefits of Salt lamp Salt lamp is just convert Himalayan rock salt into art work. It looks beautiful and romantic. Himalayan salt lamp is much more than only a decoration piece. Himalayan salt lamp have unlimited benefits for you and your family. It’s a piece of Himalayan rock salt which comes straight from Himalayan salt mine, yes it’s same piece of salt which we use for eating or for taking bath. It’s a solid piece contain 84+ natural minerals which minerals are highly need for our good health. Himalayan salt lamp works like a safe guard for us and protect us from dust around us,germs around us and unseen dangerous electric waves. Now days when we are living in the middle of electric waves like mobile phone waves, TV waves, net work signals and many other types of waves. We know that these waves are not good for our health but also we can’t survive without modern technology, here only Himalayan salt and Himalayan salt lamp can help us and protect us against these positive ions or dangerous waves. Now there is a very simple question that How salt lamp does work? There are many studies on Himalayan salt and Himalayan salt lamps. When we switched-on Himalayan salt lamp after while it gets hot with the heat of its bulb then it start throwing its negative ions in the air around us and these negative ions (waves) protect you against the other positive ions or dangerous electric waves. If you are asthma patient or you feel some time difficulty for taking breath then you must need a salt lamp in your office, sitting area and bedroom. It’s much more natural, easy and safe way as well as with other treatment for you. If you work long hours on computer you must need a salt lamp on your work table for protect you from negative waves. If your child is not active in study or in other works then you must have a salt lamp in your child room for successful future of your child.


  • Reform the air and kills bacteria and other germs. • Naturally increase your sleep.
  • Makes environment more human friendly to breath. • Reduce stress and makes you feel light.
  • Continue usage of salt lamp makes you clever and active. • Increase your efficiency and work ability.
  • In your bedroom makes the environment more romantic and calm. • Asthma patent gets breath more smoothly and easily when they are around salt lamp.
  • These lamps are made with natural Rare White/Pink Himalayan salt stones.
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